London Brewing Co-operative Now Pouring at The Root Cellar


LONDON, ON – Ontario’s newest nano-brewery has launched in London with little fanfare, and is offering three inaugural beers at a single location.

The London Brewing Co-operative was incorporated last November and has spent the 10 months since then planning and building what they believe to be Canada’s smallest commercial brewery in The Root Cellar, an organic cafe and restaurant at 623 Dundas Street in London.

The Root Cellar is also the exclusive vendor of beers from the co-op – for now, at least – and is now serving the following beers:

Ode to The Wick – “An unexpected and wonderful accident at the maltery has given us a beer with delightful smokey notes that pays homage to a beloved establishment.”

The Springett Stout – “This is a result of a collaboration with our honey supplier at On the Move Organics and The Root Cellar. In an effort to keep their bees close to home and safe from neonicotonoids, the Springetts planted all of the bee’s favorite flowers like hyssop and beebalm. The anise flavour of the hyssop, seemed to us, to be the perfect complement to the complex flavours of a rich stout. And so it came to be.”

Watermelon Wheat – “Not to be missed is our final beer which marries the fruity flavours of a hefeweizen to many lbs of pureed organic mini red watermelons from Aylmer. Get this one while it lasts; it’s a beer that bids summer farewell.”

For more details, see the London Brewing Co-operative Facebook page.

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