Crannóg Ales Debuting Spawning Sockeye Ale This Weekend


SORRENTO, BCCrannóg Ales has announced the upcoming release of a new beer that celebrates both the annual hops harvest and the yearly salmon spawning run.

Spawning Sockeye Ale has been brewed using a previously unknown hop variety found growing on Crannóg’s farm, as described in the release announcement:

These wild hops were on Left Fields farm at Crannóg Ales when the brewery started, and after several years of propagation, were tested to see what variety they might be. It turns out that all of the likely varieties, and all those the hops could be related to, have different properties than this particular hop. It is with great excitement, then, that the brewers have finally named the hop and are bringing it to their beers. Named “Sockeye”, in honour of the Adams River Sockeye salmon run, this hop is richly spicy and slightly floral with a truly distinctive aroma. Lupulin is bright and plentiful, this hop is best used right away for peak aromas.

Spawning Sockeye Ale will be released this coming Saturday October 4th at the brewery as part of a “Salute to the Salmon” day. Commemorative t-shirts will also be available to purchase, and proceeds from the beer sales will benefit the Adams River Salmon Society, Salmon-Safe BC, and the Yuct Ne Senxiymetkwe Camp.

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