Big Rock Releases Barn Burner Seasonal Sampler Pack


CALGARY, ABBig Rock Brewery has announced the release of its latest seasonal mixed pack, the fall-themed Big Rock Barn Burner.

The Barn Burner 12-pack contains three bottles each of two well-established Big Rock beers – Traditional Ale & Scottish Style Heavy Ale – and two brand new seasonals – Thresher Wheat Lager & Steel Cut Oatmeal Raisin Stout – with the following descriptions provided by the brewery:

On those blue sky days where the sun is warm and we still feel we have one foot in summer, we appreciate the liveliness of Thresher Wheat Lager and its caramelized wheat malt and toasty autumn flavour.

As the days grow short and the weather cools, we turn to the comfort of the familiar. And that means Traditional Ale, the dependable choice for three decades. While the seasons change around us, the caramel aroma and nutty sweetness with its hint of hop bitterness stands for constancy.

We also like to have something that can warm our bones on a cold day, something complex that we can mull over, slowly appreciate by the fire, that’s when we reach for Scottish Style Heavy Ale. Each sip reveals something new, from oak and peat to vanilla, toffee and chocolate.

And when we feel like we deserve a treat for just having made it through a wintery day, we can enjoy the rich velvety taste of Steel Cut Oatmeal Raisin Stout. Its aromas of molasses and raisin, chocolaty flavor and creamy mouth feel give us a taste of decadence.

The Big Rock Barn Burner pack will be available in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba through the fall.

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