Plenty of Pumpkin Ale for B.C. Beer Drinkers


VANCOUVER, BC – October is a month that craft beer drinkers either love or loathe, depending on how they feel about pumpkin flavoured beverages. For those in British Columbia who fall into the “love” column, they’ve got plenty of local options to choose from this year.

Some of the pumpkin beers recently released or coming soon from B.C. breweries include:

  • Phillips Crooked Tooth – “Plucked from the patch, this Phillips seasonal classic combines fresh pumpkin, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg with a full-bodied ale”
  • Phillips Crookeder Tooth – “Brewed full-bodied with loads of fresh pumpkin and then carefully aged in selected freshly-emptied whiskey barrels”
  • Granville Island The Pumpkining – “Killer pumpkin flavours and spices emerge to create a truly twisted ale” [Also available in Alberta]
  • Lighthouse Pumpkin Ale – “Brewed with real Canadian pumpkin and the classic pumpkin pie spice combination of cinnamon, nutmeg. clove, mace, and a touch of ginger”
  • Spinnakers Spiced Pumpkin Ale – “Locally grown roasted pumpkins, lactose sugar and the unmistakable spices of fall”
  • Tree Jumpin Jack India Pumpkin Ale – “Classic aromas and flavors of citrus and grapefruit that marry seamlessly with the flavors from real pumpkins” [Also available in Ontario]
  • Swans Pumpkin Ale – “Nutmeg, allspice, ginger, cinnamon and fresh baked pumpkin create a one of a kind malty, full bodied, pie-like brew” [Coming October 9th]

For more details on the distribution and availability of these beers, see the brewery websites linked above.

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