Toronto’s Habits Gastropub Announces Plans for On-Site Nanobrewery


TORONTO, ONHabits Gastropub, a popular restaurant and bar on College Street in Toronto, has announced the upcoming opening of a new on-site nanobrewery.

Headed up by local homebrewers Christina Coady and Chris Conway – her a recipient of a Level 2 certification from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, and him a multiple award winner at the Great Canadian Homebrew Competition – the brewery is currently in the final stages of pre-production, and will be launching soon with a Saison that is described as “a light, refreshing brew that will make you want to go back for another.”

“This is a big step for Habits Gastropub, but something I’ve always been interested in doing,” said Luis Martins, co-owner of Habits Gastropub, in a press release.

For more details, see the Habits Twitter feed and Facebook page.

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