Cassel Brewery Releases Limited Edition Harvest Ale


CASSELMAN, ONCassel Brewery has announced the release of a limited edition beer that hearkens back to the days when Eastern Ontario was one of North America’s top regions for growing hops.

Cassel Harvest Ale is a 5.6% abv pale ale brewed using hops grown in Fournier, 20 miles from Casselman. The beer is described as follows:

We think the hop variety is Cluster which was a popular one grown around here and due to its history trail, and early use, it is believed to be one of the oldest American hops used in mass beer production. The flavours range from spicy to floral to earthy, bitterness is well balanced with an intriguing aroma.

Cassel Harvest Ale is available now exclusively at the Cassel Brewery retail store in a limited run of 200 bottles.

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