Sleeman Oak Aged Ale Debuts in New Sleeman Seasonal Selections Pack


GUELPH, ONSleeman Breweries has announced the launch of a new limited brand as part of the latest edition of its semi-annual seasonal sampler pack.

Sleeman Oak Aged Ale is a wood-aged amber ale described as follows:

This beer was inspired by the unique and appealing characteristics of toasted oak and cherry wood; offering Sleeman drinkers a new brew with a flavourful twist on a traditional ale – something different but not overpowering. Toasted oak and cherry wood mellow this ale for a unique and complex wood character. Lightly hopped to balance a vanilla finish.

Sleeman Oak Aged Ale is available exclusively in the Fall/Winter 2014-15 edition of Sleeman Seasonal Selections, a mixed pack that also includes bottles of Sleeman Cream Ale, Honey Brown and Silver Creek Lager.

Format and pricing for the sampler package varies by province – for more details, check with local retailers.

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