Mill Street Producing House Beer for Wahlburgers Toronto


TORONTO, ONMill Street Brewery has been announced as the supplying brewer for the house beer at the Toronto location of Wahlburgers, the casual dining restaurant and bar founded by chef Paul Wahlberg and his celebrity brothers Mark and Donnie.

Wahlbrewski North is a rebranded version of Mill Street IPA, a 6.1% ale that has been available for some time at the Mill Street Brewpub, and which is described as follows:

True IPAs were high in both alcohol and hops to survive the long hot voyage from Britain to India. This makes it a big and flavourful beer stye. Our version is no exception. Traditional English malts and hops are used to give this copper brew a big flavour. This beer has a slightly roasted note with a strong hop bitterness and flavour.

Wahlburgers Toronto is located in the Soho Metropolitan Hotel at 46 Blue Jays Way. Soft opening for the restaurant started yesterday (October 30th), with the official grand opening set for November 15th.

[Photo of Wahlburgers Toronto partners taken from the Wahlburgers Canada Facebook page]

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