Pump House Marks 15th Anniversary with Stonefire Ale


MONCTON, NBPump House Brewery & Restaurant has announced the release of a unique new limited edition beer to commemorate its 15th anniversary.

Stonefire Ale is a 6.5% abv dark amber beer that was brewed as a Steinbier, an ancient German brewing method that involves immersing red hot stones into the wort to bring it to a quick boil. This process caramelizes and burns some of the sugars from the malt, making the beer both sweet and smoky.

Stonefire Ale was brewed on September 3rd – the exact 15th anniversary of Pump House – and is described as being “full-bodied, with lots of caramel flavors, combined with the taste of roasted sugar and a background smokiness.”

Pump House Stonefire Ale has been released in a limited edition run of 4000 x 750 ml bottles. It’s available now at the Pump House retail store, and will be on shelves soon at ANBL, NSLC and PEILCC locations in the Maritimes.

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