Amsterdam Releases 2014 Edition of Tempest Imperial Stout


TORONTO, ONAmsterdam Brewery has announced that its much-anticipated fall/winter seasonal brand has returned for another year.

Tempest Imperial Stout is a 9% abv and 100+ IBU ale that was originally available in very limited quantities at the Amsterdam retail store before expanding to LCBO distribution in late 2012.

Now in its third year of being available province-wide, Tempest is described as follows:

A beer with this much flavour doesn’t come easy. Tempest has a much higher gravity than most stouts and has a much bigger malt bill than most beers in general. With so many different malts on the bill (including heavy doses of rye as well as wheat, oats and several types of barley malts), our brewers had to do 300% more mashing per boil compared to most of our brews, a very labour intensive process. The hard work that goes into this beer really pays off. It has a huge aroma of coffee and chocolate thanks to the impressive malt bill, and a rich and creamy texture that is dominated by these same roast flavours.

(For a more detailed description including quotes from brewmaster Iain McOustra, see the full release announcement on the Amsterdam website.)

Amsterdam Tempest Imperial Stout is available now at both Amsterdam retail stores, and in select LCBO locations, retailing for $6.25 per 500 ml bottle.

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