Glutenberg Launches Campaign to Help Fund Entry into Ontario Market


MONTREAL, QC – Award-winning gluten-free brewery Brasseurs Sans Gluten – better known as Glutenberg – has announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise money for its upcoming entry into the Ontario retail market.

As explained on the funding project page, Glutenberg had hoped to bring its beers into Ontario via the government owned LCBO chain, but after attempts to have products listed their failed, it was decided to turn to The Beer Store, the only other option for the retail sales of beer in Ontario.

Unlike the LCBO, The Beer Store charges breweries substantial amounts of money to have beers listed – both a base amount and a per-store amount for each brand and format that is offered. So in order to help defray the costs of having four of its core brands – Blonde, American Pale Ale, Red and IPA – available in 50 Beer Store locations, Glutenberg is hoping to raise $50,000 over the next two months. Of this amount, $30,000 will be allocated to listing fees, $10,000 to promotional and marketing costs, and $10,000 to cover the rewards that will be given the those who donate.

The brewery also notes that even if the goal isn’t met, it will still go ahead with the entry in Ontario, but will scale back the number of stores where its brands will be available.

For more details, see the fundraising project page on Indiegogo.

2 thoughts on “Glutenberg Launches Campaign to Help Fund Entry into Ontario Market

  1. Sorry, buying your product is our choice or not. But funding your entry into our market? I don’t think so. Like the failed Bixi bike service that Toronto CANsidered propping up, private enterprises need to ‘sink or swim’ on their own. The “system” in Ontario is far from perfect and long overdue for change but it is the system; and the fees are “the cost of doing business”.

    1. Not quite sure that a public biking infrastructure is in the same ballpark as a line of alcoholic beverages, nor is using tax dollars the same as crowd-funding.

      Public-use bikes are subsidized in virtually every city in which they currently exist, FYI.

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