Stack Brewing Rebranding Two Beers to Avoid Legal Action


SUDBURY, ONCBC News reports that Stack Brewing will be changing the names of two of its brands in order to avoid a trademark dispute with another – and much larger – brewery.

Stack owner Shawn Mailloux tells CBC that Andrew Oland, President of Moosehead Breweries, contacted him earlier this month indicating that the Sudbury brewery’s Friendly Moose and Angry Moose brands were infringing on Moosehead’s registered trademark of the work “Moose” in relation to beer.

In order to avoid a potential legal battle, Stack has decided to voluntarily change the names of both beers, and are now soliciting ideas for new names via Facebook. The new names and branding for the beers is expected to be announced on December 18th.

4 thoughts on “Stack Brewing Rebranding Two Beers to Avoid Legal Action

  1. Dear Moosehead breweries….. change your tampon before the nooses of the world sue YOU fir royalties.
    One Big Moose

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