Great Lakes Continues Tank Ten Series With Citraddiction XPA


TORONTO, ONGreat Lakes Brewery has announced the latest release in the Tank Ten series of limited edition beers, one that celebrates the twin trends of lower alcohol session beers and single hop ales.

Citraddiction XPA is a 4.4% abv and 40 IBU pale ale that has features exclusively Citra hops, and features the following story on the back label:

It started out innocently enough – a friend gave me a beer hopped with Citra.

My life changed.

I began to seek out other hoppy beers. I came to appreciate the grapefruit and mango that Citra brought to my palate. Suddenly, I looked for complexity over simplicity, taste over the lack thereof. I felt smarter, younger and I stopped buying processed cheese.

But things changed when I realized I couldn’t drink the beer at the sports bar with the guys after hockey. They started calling me hurtful names like “beer snob” and “Mr. Fancy”.

What would I drink at weddings? Baseball games? Or even a visit to the Old Man’s place? And WTF was I going to do with all my frozen beer mugs?

My wife left. My dog ran away.

My name is Garnett and I’m addicted to Citra.

Citraddiction XPA will be released tomorrow (November 29th) at 10:00 AM in a limited run of 473 ml cans available exclusively at the Great Lakes retail store in Etobicoke.

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