Brewsters Releases Blue Monk Barley Wine and Brooding Soldier Tripel


CALGARY, ABBrewsters Brewing has announced the release of two potent ales for the start of winter – one a long-standing tradition for the brewpub chain, and the other a brand new offering.

Returning for its 21st annual appearance is Blue Monk Barley Wine, a 9.5% abv ruby-hued ale described as follows:

The monk represents discipline, respect and morality but that doesn’t mean he can’t indulge in a holy brew now and then. Blue Monk Barley Wine is an English style strong ale characterized by an intense, fruity flavour with notes of bread and toffee.

Joining it for the first time this year is Brooding Soldier Tripel, an 8.5% abv Belgian-style ale with the following notes:

A sneaky beast of a brew, hiding its high alcohol content behind aromas of pear, apple and banana, complex flavours of spicy fruit and a sophisticated, sweet finish.

Both beers are now available on tap and in a limited run of bottles at all Brewsters locations in Alberta. Bottles are also available at select Alberta liquor stores, including Willow Park in Calgary.

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