Moody Ales Brings New “Crowler” Packaging Format to Canada


PORT MOODY. BCMoody Ales has announced that it is the first brewery in Canada to offer its beer to customers in Crowlers, a new packaging format that combines the best aspects of cans and growlers.

Introduced at the Oskar Blues Brewery in Colorado earlier this year, and now available at many other craft breweries across the U.S., Crowlers are 946 ml cans produced by Ball Corporation that are filled and sealed to order using a modified Dixie Canning can seamer.

As explained in the press release announcing the launch:

After the can is purged of air with carbon dioxide, it is filled with beer directly off a tap at the Moody Ales tasting room. “The next 20 seconds are mesmerizing for onlookers. The seamer is turned on, we push a lever down, the can spins, and after some mechanical clicking and whirring, the the can lid is now permanently attached to the can,” says Adam Crandall, Moody Ales co-founder. “Folks will just stare at the machine trying to figure out how it works. It’s a lot of fun to explain the process to customers, which is something we like to do for all steps of the brewing process.”

Crowlers of several Moody Ales brands, including the newly launched Lusty Chocolate Oatmeal Stout, are available now at the brewery’s tap room and retail store at 2601 Murray Street in Port Moody.

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