Toboggan Brewing Co. Opening Soon in London


LONDON, ON – The London Free Press reports that London, Ontario’s Jim Bob Ray’s will be getting a new name to go with the upcoming launch of its on-site brewery.

Once renovations are complete and the brewhouse is in operation, the popular bar and grill will become known as Toboggan Brewing Co., a name that owner Mike Smith says is inspired by a long history of tobogganing being a popular pastime in and around the city.

In addition to the name change, the venue will also be aiming to attract a wider range of customers than the university-aged clientele that it primarily serves now. Along with a more family-friendly atmosphere and a new food menu focused on locally sourced ingredients, P Za Pie – a pizza restaurant also owned by Smith – will be relocated into the same building as Toboggan.

For more details, see the full London Free Press article.

[Photo of Mike Smith from London Free Press website]

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