Steam Whistle & Dufflet Team Up For Beer & Chocolate Gift Pack


TORONTO, ONSteam Whistle Brewing has announced the release of a new gift pack created in collaboration with Dufflet, Toronto’s top producer of gourmet desserts.

The package features six bottles of Steam Whistle Pilsner, and a keepsake tin containing four each of two different beer and chocolate creations:

Dufflet Rosenberg approached Steam Whistle a year ago with the idea to create beer-infused chocolates after sampling some in her travels. Months of taste-testing ensued until Dufflet and the brewery settled on two favourites. In the Pretzel Beer Bites, Dufflet infuses Steam Whistle’s Czech-style Pilsner into a chocolate ganache, surrounds it with a crunchy mix of pretzels, vanilla cookie crumbs and white chocolate, then covers it in milk chocolate. Beer Ganache Truffles get their rich, malty essence from the Pilsner-ganache filling enrobed in dark chocolate.

The Steam Whistle/Dufflet gift pack is available now at the Steam Whistle retail store and select LCBO locations in Ontario, retailing for $24.95.

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