Molson Coors Debuting Coors Altitude in Canada


TORONTO, ONMolson Coors Canada has announced that a new beer in the Coors brand portfolio is making its worldwide debut here in Canada this month.

Coors Altitude is a 6.4% abv strong lager brewed with “pale two-row barley malt and a blend of three hops including Hersbrucker Noble Hops, for a delicate, premium character.”

The brewery has provided the following tasting notes for the beer:

A subtle cereal maltiness is evident up front, followed by gentle, fresh fruit and lush flavours. Hop bitterness is very mild and alcoholic notes are understated. It has a smooth, medium body with a moderate level of carbonation. It leaves a soft, verdant aftertaste with hints of apple, pear and banana and a mellow impression of alcohol warming.

Coors Altitude is available in two serving formats – 473 ml widemouth aluminum bottles and 355 ml sleek cans – and is rolling out now to retail stores across the country.

8 thoughts on “Molson Coors Debuting Coors Altitude in Canada

  1. It’s a strong beer, like those ones you’ve seen around these days, but it has the comfortable and familiar taste of sweet, skunky corn water that you expect from us at Molson-Coors.

  2. Terrible beer. I Purchased a 4 pack and will be giving away the two I haven’t drank yet.

  3. I have just watched the Coors Altitude video. I see that you are using the word “another” incorrectly by separating “AN’ from “OTHER.”

    I am sure you would wish to make this correction in your ad. It is ONE word “ANOTHER,” that’s all!

    My phone number is 519 254-0100

  4. Saw the ads at St. George Station …So Oppressive and Dark.
    Choose Life!!!!!! Do you want people to buy your product or not!?!?!?

    Is this black beer or yellow?

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