Dead Frog and Fuggles & Warlock Release Hyper Combo Red Rye IPA


ALDERGROVE, BCDead Frog Brewery has announced the release of the first in a planned series of beers developed in collaboration with journeyman brewers Dan Colyer and Tony Iaci, aka Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks.

Hyper Combo Red Rye IPA is an 8% abv and 70 IBU ale with a name and label inspired by classic fighting video games, where “a ‘combo’ is a combination attack involving a string of sequential normal attacks, and a ‘hyper combo’ is a more powerful special move consisting of a chain of combos.”

The beer is briefly described as follows:

The Hyper Combo Red Rye IPA is a robust, medium-bodied dark amber ale with the aroma of citrus, bread, and honey. A burst of lemon gives way to tropical fruit, then a tingling spiciness that slowly fades into a dry, lingering finish.

Hyper Combo will be available in 650 ml bomber bottles at private liquor stores in BC, and on tap at select restaurants and pubs in the province.

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