Beau’s Kicks Off FeBREWary 2015 Series with OG: Original Gruit


VANKLEEK HILL, ONBeau’s All Natural Brewing has launched this year’s edition of FeBREWary – a month of beer launches and events from the brewery – with the release of a brand new installment in the Wild Oats series of experimental one-off beers.

OG: Original Gruit was created especially for International Gruit Day, a celebration of the “centuries-old beer style that incorporates herbs and other botanicals in lieu of hops” that takes place on February 1st each year.

The new beer is described as follows:

OG: Original Gruit is a tip of the hat to the roots of this ancient beer style, made with three of the most common historical gruit ingredients: Labrador tea (also known as wild rosemary), bog myrtle (a.k.a. sweet gale), and yarrow. This deep gold, slightly hazy gruit has a mildly citrusy, herbal aroma with some malt notes. The flavour is balanced between malty sweetness and herbal bitterness. The finish is medium-long with lingering tannins and a hint of spice.

OG: Original Gruit is available starting today (January 29th) at the Beau’s brewery retail store and BYBO delivery service, and on tap at more than 100 participating bars and pubs across Ontario.

A two-day launch event for OG will take place at the Beau’s brewery this weekend (January 31st & February 1st), with a special cask-conditioned version to be tapped on Saturday, and a group toast to International Gruit Day on Sunday.

For more details on these and other events and beer releases planned for the month, see the FeBREWary page on the Beau’s website.

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