Alley Kat Announces Return of Red Dragon Double IPA


EDMONTON, ABAlley Kat Brewing has announced the return of a limited edition beer that was so popular in its original release that it spun off a series of sequels that have continued ever since.

Red Dragon Double IPA is a single-hop 7.5% abv and 75+ IBU ale made with Simcoe hops. Originally released in September 2011 as part of Alley Kat’s Big Bottle Series, it was such a hit that it inspired a ongoing series of follow-up beers, each of them a Double IPA made with a single hop variety and named for a different coloured Dragon. It had a return engagement in March 2013, and is now returning for a third visit.

The new edition of Alley Kat Red Dragon Double IPA will be released on February 19th, and will be available in a limited run of 650 ml bottles at the Alley Kat retail store and select liquor stores across Alberta.

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