Phillips Releases Pair of Puzzlers & Two Benefit Brews


VICTORIA, BC – It’s been an especially busy week for Phillips Brewing, as the Victoria brewery has four new beers hitting the market, including the dual winners of the annual Benefit Brew contest and two versions of a returning seasonal brand.

For this year’s Benefit Brew, two winning organizations – Victoria Humane Society and Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society – will receive the proceeds from the sale of a specially brewed Dunkelweizen which is described as follows:

Pouring a deep earthy brown colour with a generous dose of wheat, roasted flavours are wrapped in a smooth malt body that finish dry.

The Victoria Humane Society version of the beer will be available at select private liquor stores in British Columbia, while the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society edition will be sold exclusively in Alberta.

Also out now are two versions of Puzzler Belgian Black IPA – the returning original version, and a new barrel-aged vintage – with the following tasting notes:

[Original] Buckets of black malt give this beer a deep earthy-brown colour and a huge body. Generous portions of bittering hops add balance and slightly tip the flavour profile to the hoppy side of the scale, while Belgian yeast endows this brew with a playful hint of spice.

[Barrel-Aged] This puzzle has an extra piece! Aged in freshly-emptied bourbon barrels, smooth velvet textures and subtle sweetness envelop the dark roasted malt body. Hop character is still evident, but has a more subtle presence than the classic-style.

Both Puzzlers will be available at private liquor stores in B.C. while supplies last.

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