Broadhead Experimental Series Continues With Rye & Ginger Ale


OTTAWA, ONBroadhead Brewing has announced details of the latest release the Broadhead Experimental Series, a rotating selection of limited edition one-off beers.

The second installment in series is Rye & Ginger, a 5.1% abv flavoured ale that is described as follows:

In this seductive experiment, fresh ginger, lemons and limes were juiced and infused into this malty sweet mix of rye and barley grains. A rye raciness and ginger jolt make Broadhead’s Rye & Ginger an enticing encounter.

Rye & Ginger is out now in a single 750 litre batch, available in growlers at the Broadhead retail store and on tap at select craft beer bars in the Ottawa area. New installments in the Experimental Series will follow every two weeks, with the same batch size and distribution.

For more details, see the Broadhead Brewing website and Facebook page.

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