Yukon Brewing Releases Dial K for Kölsch


WHITEHORSE, YKYukon Brewing has announced the release of a new seasonal that combines a classic German beer style with local fruit to create a unique and refreshing hybrid.

Dial K for Kölsch is based on a traditional kölsch – the warm-fermented and cold-lagered beer style born in Köln, Germany – but with a few tweaks. Most notably, it’s been infused with saskatoon berries, a fruit that grows well in the Yukon (although not in the winter, so the berries for this batch were sourced from a Vancouver supplier).

The result is described as follows:

Traditionally this beer was made with a single pilsner malt. We changed it up a bit by using some Vienna malt, giving a bit of breadiness, and some malted wheat for some citrusy notes. Hopping is light, and done with traditional Czech Saaz hops. And, And, in traditional fashion, while an ale this beer was fermented more like a lager, long and cool. Alcohol content is 5.0% abv, which is pretty much in the middle of the range for the style. Then, of course, is a subtle saskatoon berry flavour complementing the kölsch crispness.

Dial K for Kölsch is currently pouring on the growler filling system at the Yukon retail store, and is also available in 650 ml bottles in the Yukon and Alberta.

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