Barn Door Winter Porter Now Available


NOBLETON, ONBarn Door Beverage Co. has announced the release of a new seasonal beer to enjoy during the final days of winter.

Barn Door Winter Porter is a 5.5% abv ale that was “designed to marry qualities from each Porter sub-category and have them all come together with balance and subtlety in mind.”

It’s more fully described as follows:

This is a full-bodied, complex, and warming porter that is very approachable and which finishes dry on the palate, begging you for another sip. This porter is designed to showcase the best flavours the ingredients can offer and attempts to “get out of its own way” and lets the ingredients speak for themselves. Unlike some higher-alcohol beers, this porter will not hit you over the head with an overly sweet or alcoholic flavour and leaves you wanting more.

Barn Door Winter Porter is available now in 750 ml bottles at the King Brewery/Barn Door retail store.

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