Garden Brewers Announces New Beer & Spring Equinox Event


HAMILTON, ON – Garden Brewers has announced the release of its second beer, as well as an upcoming event to mark its launch.

Green-Thumb Ginger IPA is a 7.2% abv and 60 IBU India Pale Ale that is unfiltered and brewed using fresh ginger root. It’s described as follows:

Piquant, provocative, and powerful, Green-Thumb is a Ginger India Pale Ale which combines the unique zesty and pungent character of heirloom hop Bullion with the unmistakable tangy tropical notes of freshly ground Ginger root. The heat from the Ginger enhances the bitterness of the Bullion. Together, the two botanicals provide the dry malty backbone of the beer with a spicy heat, an intense bitterness, and a united front of harmonious flavours; resinous piney notes and zesty tropical character- which linger into a long, bitter finish.

More details about the beer are available in the release announcement post on the Garden Brewers blog, as well as in a follow-up post that discusses the Bullion hop that is used in Green-Thumb as well as the brewery’s previous beer, Piperales.

Both beers will be on tap at the Garden Brewers Spring Equinox Party, which will be taking place on Friday March 20th at Mills Hardware (95 King St. E., Hamilton). Admission is free, and several garden and agriculture organizations will be on hand with seeds, plants and demos. For more details, see the event announcement on the Garden Brewers website.

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