Yukon Brewing Releases Buffalo Stance Robust Porter


WHITEHORSE, YKYukon Brewing has announced the release of a new limited edition beer named after a pose that also inspired a classic hip-hop/dance track.

Buffalo Stance Robust Porter is a 5.6% abv ale with a name that “refers to a pose that people take where they stand with their arms tightly crossed, staring somebody down,” although its probably familiar to most people as the title of Neneh Cherry‘s 1988 hit song.

As for the beer itself, it’s described as follows:

The two row pale malt base of Buffalo Stance Robust Porter is not so different from our White Pass Porter. However, the specialty malts is where the brewers went to town. In addition to the pale malt, this beer contains Munich 10, chocolate malt, crystal C-60, carafoam malt for head stability, honey malt, medium crystal, roasted barley and, to spice it up, some malted rye. As you might imagine, the result is very layered and complex, full in body and mouthfeel that nudges into the stout category. All of the hopping in this beer is Belma, a pretty new hop in the market. Belma is known for a general fruity character, but the most notable fruit is strawberry. Which goes very nicely, I would say, with the roasted chocolate notes of the beer.

Buffalo Stance Robust Porter is available now at the Yukon Brewery store and tasting room, and on tap at select bars and growler stations in Alberta.

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