Kensington Brewing Releases Hops & The Grain Merchant as Latest Limited Brand


TORONTO, ONKensington Brewing Company has announced the release of a new limited edition beer that pays tribute to the history of its namesake neighbourhood.

Hops & The Grain Merchant is a 6% abv double dry hopped Cascadian-style rye ale that takes its name from the grain and spice sellers that have been a part of Toronto’s Kensington Market for decades.

“The old time merchants are now sharing the Market with new stores that embrace the old school traditions,” explains KBCo founder Brock Shepherd. “We want to celebrate them all for keeping the Market trades alive and thriving”.

Hops & The Grain Merchant has the following tasting notes:

A hybrid style beer that blends the hoppiness of a pale ale with roasted overtones and colour of a dark ale. The grain bill features a 16% mix of rye grain and 5 different hops: Cascade, Centennial, Summit, Nugget and Amarillo. Two large dry hopping additions provide strong pine resin and melon notes, with dark malts contributing to a delicate roasted character. Bitterness is moderate at 50 IBUs, but is well integrated and balanced nicely by malt sweetness.

Hops & The Grain Merchant is a draught-only release that will be available at select bars and restaurants in Toronto and area for a limited time.

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