33 Acres Brewing Releases Naomh Dry Irish Stout


VANCOUVER, BC33 Acres Brewing has announced the release of a new seasonal stout that hit the taps last week just in time for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

33 Acres of Naomh is a 3.9% abv dry stout described as having aromas of “black coffee, touch of smoke, dark sugar,” and a “creamy mouth feel, with a dry, slightly sour acidity.”

The full description is as follows:

Snake remedy arises in many different shapes and stouts, from black to green through white. The patient pouring 33A of Naomh deploys nitrogen bubbles within creamy topped coff33 malts, openly masked with a touch of smoke. An Irish kiss of life and death, this slightly sour earthly pleasure is aimed to please and ground the fast. Sláinte!

33 Acres of Naomh is available now at the 33 Acres taproom in glasses and growlers.

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