2015 Edition of Amsterdam Framboise Now Available

TORONTO, ONAmsterdam Brewery has announced that this year’s batch of the always anticipated spring seasonal Amsterdam Framboise is now available.

First released in 1991 and winner of multiple brewing awards in the 24 years it’s been brewed since, Amsterdam Framboise is a 6.5% abv raspberry ale with the following description:

Using a blend of barley and wheat malts, the brewers at Amsterdam craft a Belgian style ale, before adding over 7000 lbs of fresh Canadian raspberries to the batch and letting it sit on the raspberries for over 3 weeks. The result is a ruby red Belgian style fruit ale with a delicate pink head and a flavour that’s equal parts tart and sweet.

Amsterdam Framboise was released this past weekend at both Amsterdam retail stores, and is shipping this week to LCBO locations, with a retail price of $10.95 per 650 ml bottle. It will also be available on tap at select bars and restaurants for a limited time.

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