Unfiltered Brewing Announces Details of Growler Club


HALIFAX, NSUnfiltered Brewing, an upcoming Halifax brewery from Andrew Murphy and brewmaster Greg Nash, has announced details of a growler club that can be joined in advance of the anticipated spring opening.

Colloquially dubbed The Fucking Club, the supporters’ group features three membership levels:

Level One ($250 for initial year, $175 annual renewal) includes a stainless steel Unfiltered growler with two fills (one at purchase/renewal, one on your birthday), discounts and priority access on other beers throughout the year, a branded glass and t-shirt, event invitations and other perks.

Level Two ($1000 lifetime membership) includes all Level One items, as well as a unique limited edition growler in place of the standard one.

Level Three ($5000 lifetime membership) includes all Level One and Two items, plus a brew day with Nash, and a 20 litre keg of the finished beer.

For more details on the membership plans and how to apply, see the announcement on the Unfiltered Brewing website.

8 thoughts on “Unfiltered Brewing Announces Details of Growler Club

  1. April Fools Day was last week. They can’t possibly be serious?

    I’ve had this guy’s beer before and, unless it’s changed, its just a shit load of hops with distinct notes of sweaty socks. Very one demensional.

  2. Shit load of hops, yes, but cannot recall any socks. Perhaps you drank it in a different “demension”.

  3. Like I said, unless things have changed, this guy’s beers are pretty bad. Hops can cover up a lot of sins.

    1. This guy?? Dear @ Jim, I really appreciate your support but go fuckyourselfdotcom. The medals coming out my ass are clear evidence of the awful shite-beer I make, right? How about you come down here to my new brewery and have a taste of my awful unbalanced shit?? If you still don’t like it I’ll be more than happy to ban your sorry ass on the spot.

      Cheers, motherfucker.

      -Greg Nash

      1. Hey guy, congrats on medals coming out of your ass, you’re now up there with Sea Level and Picaroons.

  4. PS: Greg Clow: This isn’t a fucking fundraiser so please change your header. I raised the funds to start this brewery 15 months ago and this has nothing to do with it it’s a part of busininess. I tweeted at yah earlier and now I’m asking again, change the header now, please???

    1. Hey, Nash – I haven’t been on Twitter all day, so didn’t catch your tweet. Will update it now. Sorry for the mix-up, my misunderstanding.

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