Scandal Brewing Seven Deadly Sins Series Continues With Lust


PRINCE GEORGE, BCScandal Brewing, an imprint of Pacific Western Brewing, has released the latest installment of series of limited edition beers inspired by and named after the Seven Deadly Sins.

Following Envy Triple IPA, Gluttony Pumpkin Beer, and Sloth Ice Bock, the fourth beer in the series is Lust Strawberry Bock, a flavoured strong lager described as follows:

A 7% Strawberry Bock that is subtle so it sneaks up on you to get you hooked! The strawberry is added in the mash stage so it has all kinds of time to be at one with the alcohol and never takes your taste buds too far away from beer. A hint of fruitiness follows from the nose to the finish to leave you weak in your knees.

Scandal Lust Strawberry Bock was released last month in a limited run of 750 ml bottles, and is available now at select liquor stores in British Columbia while supplies last.

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