Strange Fellows Releasing Seasonal Beer & Burning a Witch for Walpurgisnacht


VANCOUVER, BCStrange Fellows Brewing has announced a new beer release and special event to honour Walpurgisnacht, a European folkloric tradition that considers the night of April 30th to represent “a tug of war between evil and good, dark and light, the leave of winter and the birth of spring.”

To mark the occasion, the brewery will be offering a new German-inspired seasonal beer starting tomorrow (April 24th). Full details on the beer have yet to be announced, but it will apparently be a Radler, with all other info to be revealed when the beer is released.

Strange Fellows is also encouraging those who stop in to try the new beer to write down “something that you have been carrying around all winter – be it a sin, evil thought, or fear.” As tradition dictates, all of the confessions will be attached to a Winter Witch effigy, which will be burned on the evening on April 30th, “purging the way for a lighter spring.”

Walpurgisnacht is the 4th celebration in the Strange Days series of Strange Fellows events and beer releases that are “inspired by superstitions and customs from around the world.”

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