Wrought Iron Brewing Announces Pre-Opening Name Change to Good Robot Brewing


HALIFAX, NS – An upcoming Halifax brewery has unveiled a sudden change in its name and branding just weeks before its planned launch.

Originally announced last year as Wrought Iron Brewing, the brewery and taproom set to open next month in the city’s North End will now be known as Good Robot Brewing.

The change is discussed in a blog post by co-owner Josh Counsil, who explains how he and partners Doug Kehoe & Angus Campbell better relate to the new name and logo:

The robot’s head doubles as a boombox, a nod to our beginnings and reunions. On the first day of college, Doug walked into my room uninvited, said, “I heard you listening to rap,” and proceeded to upload Kanye West’s College Dropout onto my computer. Meanwhile, Angus was bumping Dylan and Rage in his dorm room much to the dismay of the authorities. Hell, Angus’ first entrepreneurial endeavour was a DJing company at age 15. And when we all left college to seek out the real world, music festivals brought us back together every year. Our flagship beers are nods to some of our favourite musicians and artists. We’re much more in tune with Good Robots than Wrought Iron.

Good Robot Brewing will be opening in mid-May at 2736 Robie Street in Halifax. For more details, see the brewery’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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