Amsterdam Sweetwater Squeeze Radler Returns with Wider Distribution


TORONTO, ONAmsterdam Brewery has announced a summer seasonal brand that had a sell-out limited run last year has returned with wider, multi-province distribution.

Sweetwater Squeeze Radler is Amsterdam’s version of the increasingly popular citrus-flavoured beer style, made with blood orange juice and described as follows:

Amsterdam’s Sweetwater Squeeze Radler was originally designed to satisfy the thirsty patrons of the Amsterdam BrewHouse patio in the summer of 2014, and the brewing team at Amsterdam did a number of different trials, blending together soda, juice, and a base beer that was designed to perfectly compliment the soda & juice. Eventually, rather than mix in a fruit soda, the brewers decided that they would develop a house made soda that would compliment the freshest blood orange juice they could find. They also decided to bring the beer up to 3.8% ABV, stronger than any other Radlers in the Ontario market, but still light enough to be refreshing and easy-drinking.

Sweetwater Squeeze Radler is rolling out now in 473 ml cans that will be available through the spring and summer at LCBO locations in Ontario, Liquor Mart stores in Manitoba, and ANBL outlets in New Brunswick.

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