Moosehead Releasing Moose Light Lemonade Radler


SAINT JOHN, NB – Following on last year’s wildly successful launch of the grapefruit-flavoured Moose Light Radler, Moosehead Breweries has announced the upcoming release of a sibling brand flavoured with a different citrus fruit.

Moose Light Lemonade Radler is, as the name suggests, a blend of lager with lemonade, along with tangerine and apple juices to round out the flavour.

While traditional radlers tend to be a 50/50 blend of beer and juice, Moose Light Lemonade Radler follows the lead of Moose Light Radler and features of blend of 85% beer and 15% juice, resulting in a 4% abv beverage.

Bottle six-packs of Moose Light Lemonade Radler will be available starting next week in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

The original Moose Light Radler will also be available in those provinces, as well as in Ontario where it will debut in 12-packs of cans on May 1st.

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