Kichesippi Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Limited Edition Eisbock


OTTAWA, ON – To mark its 5th anniversary, Kichesippi Beer Co. has announced the release of new limited edition beer that is intended to be the start of an annual vintage series for the brewery.

Ice Harvest Eisbock is a traditional German-style strong lager that is helped along to its potent 13.8% abv level by being partially frozen.

Brewed on January 2nd, fermented for 14 days, and then stored at -7º Celcius for 60 days before being bottled, the 2015 vintage is described as a “rich dark brew with a strong malt flavor and warming finish.”

Ice Harvest Eisbock 2015 will be going on sale today (April 29th) at the Kichesippi retail store in a limited run of 360 bottles, with each wax-dipped 750 ml swingtop bottle selling for $20 ($17.52 plus tax and bottle deposit) while supplies last.

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