SAB Miller Launches Canadian Division, Brings Miller Lite to Canada


TORONTO, ON – Following on last year’s announcement that its distribution partnership with Molson Coors Canada was being dissolved via an out-of-court settlement, international brewing giant SABMiller has launched its own Canadian division, and is bringing one of its most iconic brands to Canada to the first time.

Officially in operation as of April 1st, SABMiller Canada is overseeing the importation, distribution and promotion of a number of brands previously represented by Molson including Miller Genuine Draft, Grolsh, Pilsner Urquell, Peroni, Foster’s and several others.

New to the Canadian portfolio is Miller Lite, the low-calorie lager known for it’s classic “Tastes Great… Less Filling!” tagline which is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its US-wide availability this year.

Miller Lite is rolling out now across Canada, with formats and pricing varying by province. For more details, check with your local beer retailer.

3 thoughts on “SAB Miller Launches Canadian Division, Brings Miller Lite to Canada

  1. Hardly for the first time. Carling O’Keefe brewed Miller Lite here for years starting in the mid-80’s. Molson may have brewed it as well after they took over Carling O’Keefe.

    1. American beers brewed in Canada by Canadian breweries have never been true-to-taste with the original U.S.-brewed beers. Coors Lite is a prime example, it tastes nothing like U.S. Coors, even worse is Rolling Rock now that Labatts brews it in Canada, it’s just “50” in a bottle with a Rolling Rock label.

      1. I totally agree. They should just import all the American brands from the states. The Canadian versions taste nothing like the American ones. Canadian packaging sucks also. Thank god for Coors banquet and Miller Lite, lets hope they DON’T decide to brew it in Canada in the future and instead continue to import it.

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