U-Brew Operations Now Allowed in Manitoba


WINNIPEG, MB – In a news release issued last Friday May 22nd, the Manitoba Government announced that changes have been made to the province’s liquor legislation to allow in-store beer and wine making.

Effective immediately, retailers that sell home beer and wine making supplies as their primary business are allowed to apply for a licence to provide on-site production.

“In-store brewing offers an opportunity for Manitobans to enjoy and learn about beer and wine making even if they do not have the space in their homes, or don’t wish to purchase, operate and clean the equipment themselves,” said Dave Chomiak, minister responsible for the Liquor and Gaming Control Act, in the statement.

Licenses will be overseen by the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba, and the program will be evaluated over the next two years.

For more details, see the full press release.

One thought on “U-Brew Operations Now Allowed in Manitoba

  1. finally!!!.the rest of Canada its legal,I was shocked when I moved here that it is not!!…..I have done “you brew”.for years,its fun and it personalizes events………lets see now if its going to be reasonable…….in BC.for one batch its 130.00 for 30 bottles……..or is Manitoba going to TAX each bottle?.the choices at the liquor store are awful…….:(

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