33 Acres Brewing Releases 33 Acres of Fervor


VANCOUVER, BC33 Acres Brewing has announced the release of a new seasonal beer intended to be enjoyed during the days – and evenings – of late spring and early summer.

33 Acres of Fervor is a 6.3% maibock with the following descriptive notes:

One of the last styles of strong beers served during the year in Germany, Fervor is a lighter bock (or Munich lager) that lends itself well to being sipped in the sun or whilst wrapped in a blanket as the night progresses. It provides a slight internal warmth, with a hint of faint apricot and sugar, and a lingering “cereal grain” sweetness, cut by a mild bitter-edge to finish. A treat ready for a bonfire night, a celebration of the sun and its light, and a toast to that flame which is ready to ignite whether exterior or within.

33 Acres of Fervor is available now at the 33 Acres taproom in glasses and growlers.

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