Beau’s Festivale Altbier Returns for Another Summer


VANKLEEK HILL, ONBeau’s All Natural Brewing has announced that this year’s edition of the Festivale Altbier summer seasonal is set for release this week.

The 4.7% abv Festivale is described as follows:

Festivale was first brewed for the Ottawa Jazz Festival in 2008, and is something of a cousin to Beau’s flagship beer, Lug Tread. While both beers are lagered ales, Festivale offers up high-intensity, balanced maltiness and more hop presence than Lug Tread. Festivale is based on a rare German style of ale, known as alt, which originates from the northern part of the Rhineland. Caramunich malts give Festivale its colour and a subtle caramel sweetness.

Festivale will be available in the Beau’s retail store, BYBO delivery service, and in select LCBO outlets across Ontario, retailing for $4.55 per 600 ml bottle. It will also be served at this year’s Ottawa Jazz Festival alongside Lug Tread and an American brown ale called After Dark.

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