Brimstone Brewing Announces First LCBO Release


RIDGEWAY, ONAlmost two years after launching its first beer, Brimstone Brewing has announced that one of its flagship brands is now available via the LCBO.

Enlightenment Ale is a 5.5% abv and 25 IBU pale ale with the following description:

Enlightenment is a unique American-Style Pale Ale that is lightly filtered and characterized by an active aroma and vivid golden hue. It offers a gentle bitterness from the hops that is complimented by a slight malty sweetness making a compelling and balanced sessionable beer. Lively and refreshing with a clean finish that will satisfy even the most discerning craft beer drinker.

Brimstone Enlightenment is available now at select LCBO locations in Niagara and Toronto. A full list of stores is available on brewery website.

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