Data Analysis Site The 10 & 3 Investigates Growth of Craft Beer in Ontario & Quebec


TORONTO, ONThe 10 & 3, an online publication that aims to “tell compelling and unusual stories about Canada through maps, interactive charts and other interesting visualizations,” has published an article comparing and contrasting the growth of craft brewing in Ontario and Quebec.

Researched and written by Daniel Kolanko, the article Destined to Go Flat? The Explosive Growth of Craft Breweries in Ontario and Quebec illustrates the many differences in the brewing industry and culture of the two provinces, from rules around retailing – strongly controlled by the government in Ontario vs. open to private businesses in Quebec – to the exponentially rapid growth in new brewery openings in Ontario in recent years when compared to the flatter trend in Quebec.

The feature also points out that despite the increasing demands for their products, small breweries in both provinces still face many challenges, some of which may lead to the closure of a number of breweries in coming years.

For more information, see the full article on The 10 & 3.

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