Mill Street Brewery & Balzac’s Coffee Collaborate on Nitro Cold Brew


TORONTO, ON – For more than a dozen years, Mill Street Brewery has been using coffee from Balzac’s Coffee Roasters in its Coffee Porter. Now, the neighbours in Toronto’s Distillery District are working together on another product, this one of the non-alcoholic variety.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee – a new cold coffee beverage that is being produced by Mill Street for Balzac’s – is described as follows:

Not to be mistaken for Iced coffee, this alcohol-free beverage borrows heavily from Stout Beer production techniques by steeping a fresh roasted Bolivian and Indonesian coffee blend in large tanks of cold water for several hours and then infusing it with High Pressure Nitrogen. Upon serving, it is charged with additional Nitrogen to give the pour a beautiful cascading effect with a rich and creamy mouth feel, similar to the velvety texture of Mill Street’s Cobblestone Stout.

In addition to being served on its own, Balzac’s is also offering a Nitro Cold Brew Float on its summer menu, featuring vanilla gelato from Be Good Gelato.

Nitro Cold Brew is on tap now at the Distillery District and Guelph locations of Balzac’s, and will be available soon at all other Balzac’s locations, as well as at Mill Street Brewpubs.

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