Big Rock & Last Best Release Collaboration Brew #1


CALGARY, AB – Two of Calgary’s craft breweries – the city’s oldest, and one of its newest – have announced the release of a new collaborative beer that is intentionally shrouded in mystery.

Co-created by Big Rock Brewery and Last Best Brewing, the 6.1% abv beer is simply named Collaboration Brew #1, and comes in almost blank packaging that reveals nothing else about it, not even its style.

In a post on his Beer Me blog, Calgary Herald beer writer Jason Van Rassel offers some tasting notes and analysis of the beer, ultimately classifying it as an American Pale Ale, but also noting:

If you want to try deconstructing this beer, my advice is to keep it fun and don’t let the effort get in the way of enjoying it. This is an exercise in appreciation — not an exam. Besides, without anyone from Big Rock or Last Best willing to tell you otherwise, there are really no right or wrong answers either.

Collaboration Brew #1 is available now on tap at Last Best and in cans at select liquor stores in Alberta while supplies last.

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