Callister Brewing Opens in Vancouver with Unique Multi-Brewer Business Model


VANCOUVER, BC – BC beer writer Jan Zeschky reports via his Brewed Awakening blog that a new Vancouver brewery has opened under a unique operating model described as a “hybrid of co-op and contract brewing.”

Callister Brewing is owned by Chris Lay and Diana McKenzie, who are brewing their own line-up of beers and sodas, but are also sharing the space with three other brewers, allowing them all to more easily launch their brands onto the market.

The three brewers leasing equipment and brewing time in the facility include:

  • Real Cask Brewing – “authentic British cask ales” by Adam Chatburn, who Zeschky profiles in another Brewed Awakening post
  • Brewery Creek Brewing – “Belgian style table beers” by Chester Carey
  • Machine Ales – beers with a “dedicated West Coast hops focus” by Adam Henderson and Matt Kohlen

According to the article:

They’ve each signed on for a year at Callister and will be responsible for their ingredients and paying taxes. While they can brand themselves however they want, all beer will be brewed under the Callister licence.

“So it’s a real interesting hybrid of co-op and contract brewing,” McKenzie says.

There are no plans to package any beer brewed at Callister in cans or bottles, but beer from all four imprints is available in the Callister tap room, with some brands also available in growlers.

For more details, see the full Brewed Awakening article, and the Callister Brewing Facebook page.

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