Hell or High Water Premium Lager Launches in Alberta & Pledges Portion of Sales to Disaster Relief


CALGARY, AB – The Calgary Herald reports that a new beer recently released in Alberta will do more than just quench the thirst of local drinkers, it will also help victims of disasters such as the flooding that frequently affects residents of the province.

Hell or High Water Premium Lager is a brand created by Larry Zimmerman, a realtor who has also “dibbled and dabbled” in the liquor import/export business. Inspired by the catastrophic Alberta floods of 2013, Zimmerman decided to launch a beer to raise money for a charitable fund that will be used to assist in ongoing and future disaster relief efforts.

Brewed under contract by Great Western Brewing in Saskatoon, Hell or High Water in a 5% abv pale lager described as “a straightforward, refreshing lager made with locally grown two-row barley.” It is selling for approximately $25 per 12-pack of cans, with $1 from each case being donated to the charitable fund.

For more details, see the full Calgary Herald article and the Hell or High Water website.

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