Cecil’s Brewhouse & Kitchen Releases First Batches of House-Fermented Beer


NORTH BAY, ONBay Today and the North Bay Nugget both report that the first batches of beer from the on-site fermentation system are now on tap at Cecil’s Brewhouse & Kitchen in downtown North Bay.

The five debut beers – Nipissing Lager, Nipissing Light, Temagami Amber Ale, Algonquin White Cap Wheat Beer and King Country IPA – are created using the SmartBrew process, in which custom-created worts are provided to the establishment, where staff then adds yeast and hops (and other flavourings, if desired) and ferments the beer on-site before serving directly from the tanks.

Owner John Lechlitner and brewmaster Brian Watson say that the beers were developed with local tastes in mind, and customer feedback will be taken into account when creating future brands and seasonal options.


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