Motor Craft Ales & Batch Brewing Release Cross-Border Collaboration


WINDSOR, ON & DETROIT, MI – Two nanobreweries that are close neighbours despite being in different countries – Windsor’s Motor Craft Ales & Detroit’s Batch Brewing – have announced the release of a new collaboration beer that draws inspiration from North America’s brewing history.

Canucky Common is a 5.3% abv beer brewed in the style of a Kentucky Common, a type of beer that was brewed throughout North America in the early 20th century.

The beer is described as follows:

The colour matches traditional records with dark amber-orange with a slight haze. Beige foam with medium head retention. The aroma has an initial corn-like sweet maltiness with low estery berry notes, followed by a subtle quick leaving spicy hop aroma. The flavour profile reflects the aroma in regards to a medium sweet maltiness and light caramel toasty undertone. Although the corn-like sweetness is reduced by the hop spice and medium sourness that shows up halfway through a sip all the way to a slight finish that is common to modern day Kentucky Commons. The mouthfeel is a bit gritty due the the corn grits that are added to the brewing process but remains refresshing due to high carbonation and smooth dry finish.

Canucky Common is available exclusively on tap at Motor and Batch while supplies last.

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