The Weather Brewery Launches First Brand in Ottawa


OTTAWA, ONOntario Beer Network reports that another start-up has joined the constantly expanding brewing scene in Canada’s capital region.

The Weather Brewery has been launched by brewer Zach Trynda and brand manager Lex Stockdale, with a Belgian-style saison called Sun and Sky being their first offering.

Checking in at 5.1% abv and 20 IBU, Sun and Sky is described as follows:

Sun and Sky shows off its yeast with aromas of pepper and spice, flavours of red berries and finishing with a black pepper heat, and is of course unfiltered. Hop characteristics have been kept minimal, saisons are typically very dry beers and as such should finishing without lingering bitterness. We have however coaxed lemony flavours out from them to help accentuate the slight tartness that the yeast produces. Additionally I’ve done a natural carbonation process that makes for not only a more aromatic beer but a finer bubble that makes for a fun pop-rocks-esque feel in your mouth.

Sun and Sky Saison is available on tap now at select bars in the Ottawa area. For more details, see the Weather Brewery website.

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